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Parenting Workshops

Group parenting series designed to improve parenting skills are available at the Birth & Beyond Family Resource Centers, and other convenient locations in the community, in multiple languages. Contact your closest FRC for dates and times of parenting classes!

Parents learn effective parenting skills, including how to manage their own stress and how to positively discipline their children. Classes are available to expectant families and parents with children 0-17 years old.


Approved for Court Mandated Parent Education. 

Make Parenting
A Pleasure

Parents learn about child development, empathy, discipline, and empowerment. Classes are available to families with school-age children.


Approved for Court Mandated Parent Education. 

Nurturing Parenting Program

EBPP is a parenting skill-building program created specifically for parents of African American children. If focuses on alternative methods of parenting that highlights the unique history and experiences of African American/Black families in the United States.

Approved for Court Mandated Parent Education. 

Effective Black Parenting Program


"I like the fact that [the Parenting Workshop] makes you think differently, and people that normally wouldn't speak in front a room full of people, they will. I've seen people grow and mature over the time while they are in the parenting class. You see people come out of their shell a bit. They feel safe here, this is a place they can open up. I tell the [FRC Aides] everything. Sometimes I come to class, and I just put it all on the table. It's cool that I can go somewhere and do that. I can't even go to my doctor and do that. It's great to come here and not be judged."

20% of Parents Participated in Parenting Workshops
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