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The Sacramento Family Food Bank is committed to providing food and education to families in need.

Sacramento Family Food Bank

The Sacramento Family Food Bank is committed to providing food and education to families in need.

Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)

Help for pregnant and new moms to provide their children with healthy resources.


The Sacramento Family Food Bank is committed to providing food and education to families in need.


Sacramento Self-Help Housing

Information on how to find and retain stable and affordable housing.

Grants for Women

A database for grants available to women.

Home Adaptation with a Disability

A financial guide to home adaptations for people with disabilities.

Voluntary Legal Service Program

Volunteer-based legal aid.

Home Remodeling for People with Disabilities

Covers policies, finances, and planning regarding remodeling.


Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency

Focuses on creating strategies for affordable housing and community revitalization.

Renting with an Emotional Support Animal

What you need to know when renting with and emotional support animal. 


Medi-Cal Dental Program

Information about the benefits of Medi-Cal's dental program.

Rehab Spot

Information on substance use disorder and recovery.

Medication Management with Disabilities

Education on how to simplify medication management.

Online resource for people suffering from substance abuse disorders.

Drug Rehab Connections

An informational starting point to find individuals and families help to battle substance use disorders.

How to Pay for Addiction Treatment

A financial guide on how to pay for addiction treatment.

American Addiction Centers

Guide for families seeking addiction treatment.

Ms. Rose's TheraPlace

A therapist-owned pediatric practice for children with special needs.


Sacramento Covered

Non-profit organization that connects people to healthcare and coverage.


Early Head Start

Provides child development and family support services for families with children under the age of 3.

Special Education/Special Needs

Free support, training, and consultation for families of children with disabilities.

Sacramento City Unified School District

A portal to Sacramento's public school district.

Sacramento Public Library

The public library system's main website.

Pregnancy Support

Pregnancy Sleep Guide

A comprehensive guide for sleeping habits while pregnant.

Safe Sleep Baby

Information on safe sleeping practices for babies.

Addiction Campuses

A guide to pregnancy and substance use disorders.

Sac Healthy Baby

Information and care for pregnant women and families.

The Recovery Village

Resource for pregnant mothers with substance abuse disorders.

Substance Use While Pregnant

Research on the effects of substance use while pregnant.


General information on how to carry out a healthy pregnancy

Special Needs Resources

Tenant Rights and Housing Assistance for the Disabled

Information for people with disabilities who are living on their own.

Autism Resource Center

Resource from AACAP with information regarding autism.

Accommodations for Students with Autism

Information on rights of students with autism in schools.

Planning a Move with Autism

Strategies for planning a move with a child who has autism.

Coping with a Move with Autism

Advice on how to help a child with autism cope with a move.

How Disability-Friendly is Your City?

A checklist of various considerations for a disability-friendly city.

Vocational Training for Adults with Special Needs

A database of vocational training programs for people with disabilities.

Guide to Better Sleep for Kids with Autism

Information on good practices for better sleep for children with autism.

Traveling with Autism

How to plan a family trip with a child who has autism.

Learning to Drive with Autism

Considerations to make when learning to drive with autism.

Home Remodeling for Young Adults with Special Needs

Advice on how to make your home more accessible.

Autism Support Network

Resource focused on building online connections for autism community.

Creating an Autism-Friendly Home

List of considerations when trying to make your home autism-friendly.

How to Celebrate Autism Awareness Month

List of 30 ways to celebrate Autism Awareness Month.

Home Modifications for Autism

Guide on different steps to take to make your home autism-friendly.

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