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Home Visitation

Home Visitation uses professionals who provide weekly case management as well as parenting lessons to clients in the privacy of their home. The evidence-based curriculum, the Nurturing Parenting Program (NPP), is focused on developing an empathetic parent-child relationship and introducing families to positive parenting approaches. Home visitation also connects families with community resources, health education, and information. 

The Family Support Initiative (FSI) program is aimed ​at supporting Sacramento families receiving CalWORKs. ​The FSI program utilizes unique evidence-based home visiting models that are designed to be flexible, relationship​-focused, and culturally respectful. FSI incorporates a wide range of parent-child interaction tools, family goal​-setting, and community resources to foster a healthy parent-child relationship. Families can receive parenting information and classes that are tailored to their specific goals and needs in ​a location of their choice. FSI staff are chosen based on their ability to establish trusting relationships with participating families. FSI services are offered to families ​on a long-term ​basis and begin​s with weekly visits. ​Contact us today to learn more!

30% of Families Served by Birth & Beyond participated in Home Visitation

“I learned that your kid is a person. It sounds crazy, but the way I was raised, kids didn’t have a voice. Coming here, kids have a voice and should be heard - not after their 18th birthday, but before.”

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